Get a Spare Pillow for Me

Get a Spare Pillow for Me

Each time your thoughts settle on me,

I will appear.

With you I will lay in bed

my head resting on your chest, listening

to the breaths you take.

We will talk about everything –

The distant horizons we stare at all day,

the beating of our hearts each time we sway…

We will look back to the times we held hands,

And to those we only held each others’ promises.

Promises fulfilled we would trace.

Promises to be happy in our embrace.

So get a spare pillow for me,

For when I lay next to you.


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Meet Eunniah Mbabazi
Eunniah Mbabazi is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a deep passion for books and literature. She has authored Breaking Down (a collection of short stories), If My Bones Could Speak (a poetry collection), The Unbirthed Souls (a collection of short stories), and My Heart Sings, Sometimes (a poetry collection). She has also co-authored Kas Kazi (a novel) and When a Stranger Called (an anthology of short stories).

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