Teach Me

Teach Me

Teach me,

How to write with swords,

How to fight with ink.

Teach me how to hug the cacti,

How to wash honey down the stream,

To dance in the whirlwind .

Teach my heart to falter on a winter night,

Teach me how to dance in the rain,

How to cry and direct my tears to the stomach.

Teach me how to wail in silence,

How to hunt in space with arrows,

How to dig gravel using forks.

Teach me about the music of my soul,

How to eat dust and wake up with a wide smile,

How to smile in hurt,

To hurt in smile.

Teach me how to be a devilish angel,

Or rather an angelic devil.

Teach me how to get on the throne of the land,

How to feed carcases to the people of the land,

How to drive across deserts,

How to wade in mud.

And above all, teach me sarcasm.

Teach me how to live the opposite of people’s expectations,

Teach me to give axes as presents,

And receive roses as punishment.

Teach me to reach out,

Teach me wholesomeness,

Teach me how to sleep with my eyes wide open,

How to read with a shut


Teach me how to not melt in fire,

Teach me greatness.

Teach me .

(First posted on rapando.co.ke/writer/eunny)

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