Day 30: How I Feel About the Writing Challenge

Day 30: How I Feel About the Writing Challenge

(I am breaking rules this last day by altering the topic just a little bit. Bear with me)

It is the last day of the writing challenge, and I honestly don’t know what to feel right now. Initially, I had looked forward to this day, thinking I would be happier and glad that it is finally over, but that is nothing closer to whatever I am feeling right now. Well, I am a bit relieved that I wouldn’t have a thing constantly running through my mind the entire day wanting to be written, but I might also be a bit sad that this day brings to an end a 30-day journey that has seen me unfold myself bit by bit, till there was nothing more to hide.

The ride hasn’t been the easiest I know. There were days my mind was totally blank and couldn’t come up with anything to write, but either way, somehow the breakthrough always just came. Other times, I had to ask my person what they think I should write about a certain topic, and that proved quite helpful.

It is not the end of the writing, but maybe I will take a little break to let the whole truth sink in. A couple of days back, my friend Rumona asked me what I expect to achieve at the end of this challenge, and I told her I hope I would have learnt more about the things that lie unsaid within me. So, after this challenge, I will take time to reread all the posts I wrote, and let all that sink in.

What I feel right now? I honestly don’t know. I would have been excited, but one of my best friends is leaving for Italy this coming Thursday, and that makes me somehow sad. He is a good guy; with a big heart and a charming laugh. He is caring and asks those simple questions other people rarely ask; like are you comfortable? How are you coping up? Do you need any kind of help? Just the other day, he said he respects me because according to him, I read too much, and write too much.

But again, I am happy about the thrill and newness that the writing challenge has brought me. I have received random compliments from people I didn’t know, saying they felt encouraged after reading my blog, and went on to say how brave it is to be able to tell your own stories. It didn’t hit me that hard until one day, someone I have known for quite some time said, ‘I honestly cannot write about myself. I would rather die.’

So, I get it. It is never easy coming out of the cocoon. But I tried. And that makes me happy.

If I was to mention everyone who supported me throughout this journey, this post would be extra-long. But I am all grateful to everyone who has held my hand throughout; by reading, editing, suggesting ideas and topics, and allowing me to use their names and stories whenever I needed to. Sometimes, ‘thank you’ is the much I can do, but maybe later on, just maybe, something greater will come your way.

And definitely, I will miss signing out my posts with ‘see you tomorrow’. It is something I had grown so attached to. But I guess letting go is part of the journey to freedom.

And to everyone who suggested topics and I didn’t write on, sorry I couldn’t break rules that much. But there is always another day, another time.

Until next time, see you!

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