Day 29: A Picture of Me

Day 29: A Picture of Me

I was a little bit confused when I read today’s topic, simply because there are various pictures of me scattered all around the place, and I am too attached to most of them I can’t seem to settle on just one. Most of my pictures have all kinds of memories and emotions attached to them. Well, apart from those secretly snapped when I am not looking.

So, the only reason I chose the above picture is that it touched the hearts of people I hold so dear.

November 3rd 2018, I was attending one of my favourite people’s wedding and I rocked this dress, made by the amazing Ijakaa.

Me: I need a dress for a wedding I am to attend.

Ijakaa: Say no more…ha-ha

That was a month prior to the wedding date, but like all tailors you know, she delivered the dress at 9 p.m on the eve of the day.

I don’t have much to say about the wedding, at least not on this day, apart from the constant compliments confirming I looked stunning, and one person in particular baptised me ‘golden girl’. Well, this happens when your designer knows you too well.

When my father saw this picture on my WhatsApp profile, he did that thing most elder people do. Downloading it and sending it back to you with a compliment. I think the words ‘profile picture’, or ‘display photo’ do not appear anywhere in their dictionary. Anyway, he said, ‘My peacock daughter. Very beautiful.’ Now, that was the first time he said those words to me, and I have never gotten over that feeling.

My mum as usual, saw it on my status, and it went like this:

Her: Na umekonda sana. Kwani hukuli?

Me: Hapana. Ni hiyo nguo inanifanya hivyo.

Her: Kwani ni mzito?

Me: Hapana 🙂 🙂

But I knew she loved it, because it stayed on her status for the next three days.

I will save the part when I got back home from the wedding and everyone in the room said ‘wow’. Also, I might have ‘unknowingly’ slept in that dress…ha-ha.

So, there goes a picture of me I like so much, I think I will print and frame it someday, then move it from the wall to the side of the bed, so I could look at it every time I wake up, and find the right amount of strength needed to face the day.


That said, happy new month. See you tomorrow!

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