Day 14: Something Disgusting I Do

Day 14: Something Disgusting I Do

I wish I could alter the disgusting to annoying, because then I could go on and on about the annoying things I do, because they are quite a number.  But disgusting, I am not sure I pull these ones quite enough, keeping in mind these are the things you do and everyone else yells Yuck, then turn their faces away. And you remain there feeling like a fool, or to salvage the situation, you laugh it out.

Here are a few that might make you do that thing with your face. You know? That thing that makes you arch your brow and pull your lips into an ugly kind of pout, and your eyes suddenly thin out? Yes, that one.

Chewing my nails

No, I am not talking about my finger nails because we both know how adorable those ones are. I mean, I spend most of my time trying to prove to people that they are real in the first place, and answering the ‘how do you wash clothes?’ question. So no, I do not chew my finger nails. I chew my toe nails. TOE nails ladies and gentlemen!

Also, I don’t bend my head all the way up to my feet, because I think I would break my back doing that. I wouldn’t mind doing it anyway. What I do is use my nail cutter, carefully chip the toe nails so that they don’t break into two, then bring them to my mouth and chew.

Now that I have put it in writing, I think I might throw up next time I do that.

In case you are wondering, I do that for all the toes. And I think it kinds feels good. I don’t even know how, but I don’t remember ever trying to stop myself from doing that.

They are just feet anyway. They deserve some love after spending an entire month stashed away in some closed shoes.

Picking my teeth

You read that right. I pick my teeth, not my nose. I mentioned my finger nails are quite long, right? So well, instead of making use of toothpicks all the time, I always use my nails to do all that. And it doesn’t end there, I have to check whatever my nails find in there, before I finally wipe it on a piece of tissue. But maybe those people who tell me I have long nails I won’t need a fork to eat my fries are to blame for all these.

But at least I don’t ‘mxmxmxm’ with my tongue like most of you do.

I think I should just grow up and start using the toothpicks anyway.

Well, I think the rest of the habits fall under the annoying tab; like smelling old books and wanting the smell to linger on for quite some time; smelling my socks and undies when I get out of them; scratching my head when I have dandruff and watch the dry freckles fall onto a white surface; eating direct from the sufuria, playing my favourite music on repeat till it gets boring; intentionally ignoring calls (just text me). But annoying is a topic for another day.


That is it for today. Keep it here!

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