The Bed

The Bed


I have laid on this bed long enough to know how it feels,

How the mattress on my side of the bed slides a little bit,

How the maroon bedsheet feels against my naked body,

How the red pillow is comfier at night than during the day.


I have laid in this bed long enough to hear its sounds;

Where it creaks,

Where it bounces.

Long enough to know when you have just fallen asleep,

Or when you are struggling with mosquitoes,

Or when your head is pressing a little harder against your neck.


I have laid in this bed long enough to know when you turn over,

To finally clasp my breast in your palm,

To hear you gasp as you do so.

Long enough to know the mornings when you don’t want to get out,

The mornings you pull me closer,

Arch my back,

Pull my hair,

Slap my butt cheeks,

Thrust, thrust,

More thrust.

Mornings when you release yourself in me,

Before you fall back and sleep.


I have laid in this bed long enough to know the creaks when the door opens,

The time when the rays first hit the panes,

The time when the smell of sex threatens to suffocate me.

Long enough to realise the cum stains,

Both on the sheets and the tiles,

The drawers filled with evidence of our passion,

and long enough the patterns of the ceiling board to engrave in my mind.


I have laid in this bed long enough to notice the nights when you had a bad day,

when your shoulders dropped,

and your fart didn’t smell the same.

Nights when you touched me,

but I didn’t feel the thrill,

When you kissed me goodnight,

But your mouth had a bitter taste,

and you didn’t brush my hair away from my face.

Nights when you cried in your sleep,

or when your dreams pleaded for mercy.


I have laid in this bed long enough to realise it is my safe space,

My to-go-to place,

My passionate abode,

Beholder of all the things I ever want.

Log enough to realise you will always be there,

In this bed waiting for me,

Whether happy or sad,

Or indifferent,

Or unsure of whatever is going to happen.


I have laid in this bed long enough to realise your arms will always be outstretched to me,

And you will always say;

“Will you sleep next to me?”


And I will always say:

“Of course.”

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Eunniah Mbabazi is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a deep passion for books and literature. She has authored Breaking Down (a collection of short stories), If My Bones Could Speak (a poetry collection), The Unbirthed Souls (a collection of short stories), and My Heart Sings, Sometimes (a poetry collection). She has also co-authored Kas Kazi (a novel) and When a Stranger Called (an anthology of short stories).

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