You, Us.

You, Us.

The first time I saw you,

I won’t lie,

I don’t remember a thing.

It’s not vague,

It’s blank.


I almost feel you’ve been here throghout:

Throghout the sunshine when the morning dew spelt out your name,

Throghout the mornings when the orange of the sun was nothing compared to your skin;

Brown, brittle, supple,

Throghout the days when I could see nothing but you,

Throghout the nights when the moon refused to hide it’s glory,

When the stars stared at our love,

When the dark skies poured their love to us.

I feel like you’ve grown to be part of me;

The splendour in my silent laugh,

The valor in my life,

Sparks in the bonfires of my heart,

The joys in my mornings,

The pleasurable pain in my nerves,

The reason for my breathing;

The heartbeat in my chest.

Everyday I look at you,

I hope you let your hair fall,

And let me run my fingers through it.

I hope you laugh a little bit too loud,

So I can drown in the ripples it causes.

I hope you see,

I hope you care,

I hope you love,

I hope you stay.

I hope you stay a little bit longer,

So I can taste love from the purest of fountains.

When you cry,

I want to be your tears,

So I could stop as soon as you want me to.

I want to be the one you run to,

I want to be your hope,

Your dreams,

Your laughter,

Your eternity.

And when you smile,

I want to be the touch at the edge of your lips,

To be the saliva that moistens,

The love that touches so gentle,

The one that sets your nerves on fire;

A fire only myself can put out.

With you, forever doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all.

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Eunniah Mbabazi is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a deep passion for books and literature. She has authored Breaking Down (a collection of short stories), If My Bones Could Speak (a poetry collection), The Unbirthed Souls (a collection of short stories), and My Heart Sings, Sometimes (a poetry collection). She has also co-authored Kas Kazi (a novel) and When a Stranger Called (an anthology of short stories).

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