We came, Touched, Left

We came, Touched, Left

My heart bleeds for your being,

My soul yearns for your touch,

A touch I felt for a minute,

So long a minute eternity has no word over it,

A minute engraved in my memory,

A memory of the bumps on my skin,

That moment you looked into my eyes,

The moment before they darted away.

Selfish eyes.


Then our bodies came close,

Bundled in something more than a hug,

So long a hug I felt your heart explode,

I felt our souls join,

Mine into yours,

Yours boldly into mine.

Your breath on my neck,

My hair on your chin.



Then we touched,

One second, two seconds,


My heart throbbed,

Throbbed, then throbbed again.

Then we let go,

Yet I still feel you against me,

The weight of your body against mine,

Your prints still fresh on my palm.

I close my eyes and I see nothing,

Just you,

Other times,

Your shadow.


You whispered and I leaned in,

“I have to go”,

Then snapped.


Then you left,

Left me staring at your back,

The back I so wish to lean against.

Your diminishing self broke me,

But I held on to the time,

The three hours of ecstasy,

Hours id love to call divine,

Better yet,

Our ‘again’ hours.


So I’m left filled with memories of you,

Of how we both love darkness,

Of our matching heights and depths,

Same taste in music,

Addiction to each other.

I’m left with a fetish,

Fetish for you.

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Meet Eunniah Mbabazi
Eunniah Mbabazi is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a deep passion for books and literature. She has authored Breaking Down (a collection of short stories), If My Bones Could Speak (a poetry collection), The Unbirthed Souls (a collection of short stories), and My Heart Sings, Sometimes (a poetry collection). She has also co-authored Kas Kazi (a novel) and When a Stranger Called (an anthology of short stories).

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