Woman Crush

Woman Crush

February 7th 2018

This was the third day since my final year project had failed to work properly. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. I had rewritten the code countless times to no avail. Rage was slowly building up within me threatening to burst my head. 

Juliet: ”How far is it?

Me: “Nothing is forthcoming. Maybe I should just let you finish up yours then I will try later on.”

Juliet: “No. Keep trying. I will come back early in the morning to finish up.”

And so, I tried, and tried, and tried. Nothing. Nothing at all. I tried some sleep, nothing. Coffee, nothing. What the hell? 

February 8th 2018

It is five o’clock in the morning and I’ve told myself that was the last time I was trying. Then Bam! Code Compilation was successful. My tears found their way out. Elation. Jubilation.

Me: ”Hey Juliet, it just worked. Please hurry up with that camera.”

Juliet: ”Alright. On my way.”

April 2nd 2018

I am still adjusting to the harsh conditions of this place I am in. I’m trying hard to convince myself that the driver did not miss the direction; that probably I’m in those areas people like to refer to as marginalised; that things will eventually get better (I will write about this place sometime later).

The phone reception is the poorest I have ever encountered; hardly a bar is available. So, when my phone buzzes, I literally run to it.

Juliet: “Ulienda Malindi bila kusema.

I’m startled. I remember I was to meet her, then procrastination took a toll on me. Plus sleep, then laziness.

Me: ”Ni kuhustle gari ilinisahaulisha,” I lie.

Juliet: “Ooh, ni sawa tu. Excuses at your finger tips.”

At this point, I laugh out so loud that I fear my new neighbours might doubt my sanity. They might liken me to the donkeys that had spent the previous night braying at my window, maybe as their form of ‘warm’ welcome. They might think I am a societal outcast. I’m still thinking of what to tell Juliet when the phone buzzes again:

Juliet: “Huko kuko aje?”

Me: “Siwezi sema kuko sawa

Juliet: “Make do with what you have.”

At this point, I was almost sure that I wasn’t talking to Juliet. The Juliet I know doesn’t go soft on people, doesn’t tell you it is going to be alright when it is not. The Juliet in my head hits the nail directly on the head, and she does so with so much vigour you could literally die listening to her. I once told her she could make a great writer; that people would camp at her blog eagerly waiting for the next post; that she would hit people with reality and feed their carcasses to vultures.

Today being a Wednesday, I want to take this time to celebrate an iconic woman. A woman made of fire and diamonds. A woman who is described by one word; strength. I won’t say she is an unrecognized hero, because every day I think of her, I know she is one. I take time to realize that there are people in this world who were built with a strong forte, a heart of stone and brimstone for a soul.

Back to our final project days, amidst all the frustrations and deadlines to meet, she looked me straight in the eyes and told me we could do all that on our own. That we could play with the codes and sensors till they worked. That we would not put our six years to shame by delegating that task to someone else. And so, we stuck to her word. We worked all day for almost two weeks. We complained about insufficient food at times, other times she went out of her way and bought chicken.

And when it was all said and done, we managed. Each day I slept feeling like I owed all to her. The never-ending sacrifices, the sour truths, the times we joked about her sensitivity to temperature changes. Damn. She marinated my frustrating days with glamor.

So, this is for you Juliet; to the woman you’re becoming, I love every bit of you. I adore your selflessness and willingness to help. You’re a God sent star that lights dim paths. Every day I think of you and silently you were in this place with me, so we could continuously laugh at our misery, wish for the stars, and yearn for better days.

Every day I pray for you. That you be the woman you were meant to be, that your dreams come true and the desires of your heart be fulfilled. And if even for one day I believe in reincarnation, I’d like to come back as you. I sincerely hope  one day I’ll have your strength. You’re special.

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