The 'you' in Us

The 'you' in Us

This is a rather a song,

Of a human that is tired of seeing things in dreams.


To the person that sees me in his dreams,

Hoping that one day I will lie beside you,

As the rib that came out of you,

As the flesh that would make your hair stand.

I hope that you get the courage to speak it out,

I am a no hints person,

They pass me by like the evening storm.

I hope you find the audacity to say it out on my face,

Rather than hide your emotions behind the keyboard.

Keyboard warriors they say you are,

May you not know the power of the backspace key.


I hope you have a mixed heart,

Of gold and of stone,

But let stone take the larger portion,

Because chances are that I will say NO,

Throw tantrums and ridicule your whole being.

Chances are I will spit it on your face,

Wash every chance down the drain.

But again,

I hope you have the chance to talk me into it.


I hope you fall in love with my writing,

Move every inch with my pen

I hope you inspire my words one day,

Because in the end I may say YES,

And subject you to the trauma of reading everyday,

Of running in the woods looking for lost words,

Searching souls for lost hearts,

Searching for you in me.


All the same,

I hope we meet halfway on this murky road,

That somewhere amidst the chaos and jam,

We will catch a glimpse of each other’s face.

I hope you have the courage to let me into your arms,

Before the permanent shelter says hello,

And all you’re left with are pictures to hold.

I hope you manage to walk in the rain,

For not once or twice will I subject you to this.

It will be the music of your heart,

because I am a jaded shadow,

and my  tears like to fuse with the rain.

My brain is fertile soil,

And the rain is its only nourishment.


I hope you find me.

No, I hope we find us.

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Fire Renaissance

"I hope you have a mixed heart
Of gold and of stone
But let stone take the larger portion
Because chances are that I will say NO" - This has taken me back to my teenage years, what an assurance! I now wish someone's daughter would have said this to my golden heart.

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